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A selection of Spencer's published work.

Eurypides Innowator (Polish Edition - 2022)

Odrodzenie Ziemi, Opetanie I Lamentacje W Bachantkach Eurypidesa - Essay by Yana Sistovari

Published 2022 by Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

Eurypides Innowator  Front Cover
Eurypides Innowator  Page One
Eurypides Innowator  Page Three

Choreonarratives: Dancing Stories In Greek And Roman Antiquity And Beyond (2021)

Cross-Cultural Perspectives: Adapting Euripides' Hippolytos - Essay by Yana Sistovari

Published 2021 by Brill Academic Publishers 

Choreonarratives front cover resize.jpg
Choreonarratives - Hippolytos essay.JPG

NEO - Issue 187- May. 2019

Rising Star: Spencer Lloyd Peet interviews and photographs actor/stunt performer Jean-Paul Ly. 

NEO - Issue 166- Aug. 2017

Guide To Cambodia: Spencer Lloyd Peet guides you through a country that is resilient, mesmerising and beautiful. (All photos taken by Spencer Lloyd Peet excluding the still from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - middle right)

NEO - Issue 154 - Sept. 2016

Guide To Vietnam: Spencer highlights some of the colourful and enduring aspects of Vietnamese culture, which has a long history. (All photos taken by Spencer Lloyd Peet excluding the promotional shot of Robin Williams from the film Good Morning Vietnam - bottom right)

NEO - Issue 143 - Nov. 2015

The Exotic Attire Of Indonesian Dance: Spencer goes behind the seams to investigate the colourful world of costumes.

NEO - Issue 140 - Aug. 2015

Khon: Epic Performance From Thailand: Spencer reports on Thailand's greatest cultural performance brought to The Royal Albert Hall in London for one night only.

MyM - Issue 34 - Feb. 2015

Fighting Fit: Spencer chats to actor and martial artist Hwang Jang Lee about the secret to a long life and leaving behind a legacy. (All photos taken by Spencer Lloyd Peet excluding the still with Lee and Jackie Chan from the film Drunken Master - page one out box bottom right.)

MyM - Issue 27 - Jul. 2014

Khon: The Masked Play: A special event celebrated the 130th anniversary of the first Thai royal musical performance in England. Spencer gives MyM readers a front row seat.

Kindred Spirit - Summer 2011

Know Your Buddha: You probably have a Buddha statue in your home but do you know which Buddha it is and what it represents? Spencer explains the difference.

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